What we can do for you

Digital is a large field, we can help you make it useful

Digital Channels:

Be it an iPad/iPhone app or a web experience that impresses your clients, our expertise lie in this software and the best practices that surround it.

Large Data:

Gathering lots of data is wonderful. Our expertise lie in how to make the information accessible and useful.


Distributing execution and the 'cloud' is great. we want to help you get there and make it valuable to your organisation.

Real-time & Event-driven

Getting prices real-time from the JSE is part of the challenge, we want to help you make this valuable and thereafter.


Right tool, for the right job

What we use:

At byteFluid we thrive in the open source stack and eco systems around them. We have years of Java experience and delivering Java applications. We operate in an Agile manner, delivering rapid and incremental changes.

We have expertise in the Adobe AEM environment and have a proven track record working within the digital channels space.

We practice secure software programming methodologies and have experience with application penetration testing.